Why I suck at CSS

Confessions of a back end developer

What happened to my login form?

I call myself a developer. Sometimes a back end developer, sometimes a full stack developer but really I’m a back end developer. I can’t really call myself a full stack developer because I suck at making stuff look good. Making stuff work, yes I can do that. But as soon as I see my carefully crafted login form skew off a screen on a mobile phone I’m like…


Why are you over there?…

“Gwad I know what this means” ,

“oh no!”  

“I have to write CSS. AAAGGGGHHH”

“Where’s the front end guy ?”


I hate front end.

It is so bloody infuriating! isn’t it?


Struggling with CSS

I have spent hours doing stuff like trying to get one tiny button to stay in the same place on every screen size to end up just quitting and doing stuff like using a bigger button to fill up the whole space instead. Or some other cocked up solution like using a table or something. The knock on effect of these cock up solutions is that usually the site just looks worse and worse. But hey it works right ? That’s all that matters right ?… EEh … NO!.

What happens is people go to my site and feel violated by its ugliness.

There is only one web browser

Don’t even get me started on different browsers. I mean I am happy if it works on chrome. I don’t even check Firefox or IE. No, I don’t even want to know. I live my life in complete denial that these browsers exist..

You should try it. Its liberating.


CSS gives me a nervous twitch

I currently work as a python developer for a very large company but have worked in companies on front end stuff also. I have no problem with JavaScript,  Jquery, even html. But when it comes to CSS I develop this uncontrollable nervous twitch in my face! I have been thinking about it recently. Why can I not get my head around CSS. I mean it can’t be that difficult can it? Well it must bloody be because I suck at it!


How it happened that I suck at CSS

Ok let me give you a little background. I started in my first programming job about 20 years ago. Back then everybody was a back end developer. Although we didn’t call it that. you were just a software engineer. I even worked on web stuff. Yes, I even worked on ASP back then. But CSS had not even been invented yet. Html tables and frames were the answer to all your problems. Also nobody really gave that much of a shit how your site looked.

Then CSS came in a few years later. Back then it wasn’t called CSS. People actually would call it cascading style sheets every time, not CSS. Right there I had a problem with it. First off the name was so pretentious! and why do we need this ?  This is way too organised for me. I don’t have time for all this organisation. Creating more files? Don’t we have enough to deal with javascript, vbscript, php, sql, perl, stored procedures, and html already? Now I have to care about organizing the look and feel of the site?


The birth of the front end developer

This actually triggered the birth of the front end developer. All of a sudden we had guys who were specialists in CSS. Some were also very good coders but most of them came from a designer background. I mean to me learning CSS was like learning how to do flower arranging. I didn’t think it was that important. So I just kind of ignored it. In fact I have never really dealt with this dark issue I possess. I would go to a psychologist but he wouldn’t understand and don’t think there is a support group out there for this either, is there?

Maybe I could just go ahead and learn it ?

Nahhh. That is never going to happen. I have more motivation to learn how to play the oboe than to learn CSS. I guess I will be dealing with this issue till the end of my developer days.

Simple CSS to the rescue

But wait! There is a solution…Simple CSS !The thing is in my normal day working life I don’t need CSS. But in my spare time I am changing the content creation world with my startup Shabingo. Shabingo is a video platform that I have developed to enable people to get paid directly for their video creations. Yes the video platform you can use to get paid for your videos without having to rely on advertisements bla bla bla. OK enough of the shameless plug, back to CSS.

You see because it is obvious I will never learn CSS, I have just realised that I can just use all the great tools on the Simple CSS site to get the CSS I need for Shabingo and I won’t need to learn CSS. When Michael asked me to do this guest blog I never realised how much Simple CSS would be saving my startup.

The importance of CSS

In fact the more you think about it you realize how important good CSS is to a startup. At this point I have around 500 registered users on my video platform Shabingo. These were all targeted video content creators who signed up. However very few of them have used the video platform. The reason is because people generally don’t hang around sites that don’t look too good. They want to feel reassured and warm when they are on your site. Its like the font door to your business. They feel if a button is not aligned up properly how can I trust this business with my credit card details. And to be honest, I cant blame them, in fact I would think the same thing. 

So for me using all the CSS tools on Simple CSS  will no doubt help Shabingo to finally be a video platform that will be so much more inviting and friendly for video content creators to use. And at the same time I wont even have the need to learn any CSS. 

Thank you Simple CSS 

Donagh Corcoran

Software Developer / Entrepreneur

Founder of Shabingo




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