Front End Developer transition to Scrum Master (Part 2/2)

So it’s been 2.5/3 months since I took on the Scrum Master role and I made some notes on my experience. The team consists of eight members; six full stack developers, one technical architect and one front end developer. Me and the team met our targets by getting the application to UAT and getting to our first release on time.
Ultimately it was an experience made me realise how much I enjoy being a front end developer. I’ve made a list below of my pros and cons that I noted over the last few months.
The bad:
  • Lots of emails, being looped into threads or reading up on attached emails
  • 90% more Skype meetings than as a Developer
  • Stuff that wasn’t too interesting ->
    • Meeting minutes,
    • Conducting stand up,
    • Time boxing
    • Reviewing backlog and prioritising,
    • Dealing with global team
    • Planning and Retro
  • I can do it quite well but I don’t find it particularly challenging. There was too much admin tasks for me!
  • Have to track what everyone is working on, their blockers and progress rather than just your own
  • Preparing documents and updates for calls on progress of bugs and stories
  • Huge amount of communication with local team (DMs) and face to face but also had to regularly make contact with global teams
  • Having to make decisions
  • You’re the messenger, the expression don’t shoot the messenger seems appropriate
    • It’s hard to communicate business needs to developers, because they’re mostly concerned/interested with the technical needs and can over simplify the business needs
    • It’s challenging communicating technical language to non technical stakeholders
The good:
  • Good learning experience
  • Management experience
  • Improved knowledge of agile and the role each team member plays
  • There is periods of quite but never long enough to become bored
  • Whilst you’re goal is meeting the sprint deadline you don’t have any deliverables as such