Free Website hosting with Github Pages

Ok this is pretty cool. If you are signed up to Github you can host your website completely free of charge.
I use either SourceTree and Bitbucket (an alternative to Github) or the command line for version control. So
this was a good excuse to familiarise myself with Github.


All you need to do is
  1. Create a new repository on This is gonna be where your site lives.
  2. If you’re cloning using Github for Mac/Windows:
    • You can clone from within the software once signed in here:
      • Next you decide where it will live and then it’s cloned
    • Once you make changes they will appear in the timeline at the top as a node
    • When it’s ready to commit, add a commit message, click commit and finally click Sync in the top right corner and thats it
  1. If you’re cloning through the terminal use: git clone
    • When you want to push the changes you’ve made locally use:
    • git add —all (to add to the queue)
    • git commit -m ‘Initial commit’ (to leave a descriptive message of the changes made)
    • git push – origin master (to finalise the change to the master branch)
  2. Assuming this has all been done correctly you’re done! Haza!


All the need to do is have a Github account, pull downtime latest version, make their changes and push their latest changes back up or leave it on their branch for you to inspect.


My site loaded in 1.21 seconds and has a lot of assets and scripts because it uses some javascript libraries, the HTML5 canvas and
the Google maps API. This was before any effort was put into site optimisation i.e. minification, Google pagespeed etc. I’m happy enough with this result considering apparently anything over 2 seconds loading is too long in 2016:


I since tested the same site on Github pages and Blacklight and Github pages was significantly quicker.
Contact them RE my blog being featured on their page:

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